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*Disclaimer: All products are printed in the U.S. by Monster Digital via Printify & Tetra 1:27 Apparel. Please allow 3-4 business days for processing and production. Then 5-7 U.S.P.S. standard mail shipping business days for your order. For questions, please email; with “Merch” in the subject line.*

The Books...

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Carnage for Truth Book 3 - The Falling Scion Series - 2021

Reeling from the massive cliffhanger at the end of Confessions of the Elect, Yoli will have to face the last part of her journey head-on, and alone. Then there are other parts where she will have to rely on the people that have wronged her, abandoned her, and some that have tried to pull her to the depths of despair. She has realized that her choices have torn apart the family that she has found herself at the center of, and she will sacrifice herself to keep them alive. Stripped of everything she knows to be true, Yoli fights back hard to create a life worth living. The only problem is that nothing is guaranteed for her. CLICK THE BOOK COVER FOR MORE INFO.


Confessions of the Elect Book 2 - The Falling Scion Series - 2021

This is the second installment of the Falling Scion series. Yoli is no longer the Scion. She is trying to deal with her trauma by being a depraved hedonist. Her budding love with the post trader Solomon is put to the test at every turn, and more straining than that are the lies that her sister Stacia continues to hold from her. In this second installment of the Falling Scion Series, Yoli and her group are pushed to their limits as they make it far from the Crevasse and into the depth of the Cumbres Forest. There are new challenges and new enemies that make Yoli's existence miserable. There is also a strong threat from Yoli's past that she thought she left behind. CLICK THE BOOK COVER FOR MORE INFO.

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The Scion's Descent Book 1 - The Falling Scion Series - 2021

This is the first installment of the Falling Scion series. Yoli is the Scion of the Shore Delegation. She has been groomed her whole life to once day take the seat of Delegate from her father, Shepherd of the Shore Delegation. After having a run-in with the Post Trader, she is whisked away and meets her long-lost sister. This mysterious sister not only brings lies that tear down the foundation of Yoli’s faith in the Shore Delegation but also sets her on a journey that will change her life forever. Yoli begins to fall from grace as the Scion and into a world that will force her to rediscover herself on every level possible. CLICK THE BOOK COVER FOR MORE INFO.

Hadassah 4:14 – Ladies Leadership & Personal Development Curriculum – 2015

This is a leadership and personal development curriculum that I wrote and also teach for teens and young women. We focus on finding your true identity, purpose, relationship building, and career paths. For booking information or copies to use for your group sessions; please send me an email,


A young basketball prodigy will have not just her skills tested but her overall belief in who she really is. Sabrina Sage finds herself in the midst of the craziest summer of her life, right before entering her senior year of high school, as the school's top point guard. She comes to realize that her biggest competition isn’t on the basketball court but in her personal life. Forced into the role of an adult by a neglectful parent, will Sabrina be able to make adult decisions? If she can’t, it just might cost her the people and things that mean the most to her. CLICK THE BOOK COVER FOR MORE INFO.

The Weekend: A Short Before The Story – 2012

Three individuals living great lives will be faced with the utter reality of their past, present, and future. In one weekend Monique comes to terms with an old love and a new life. Jacob finds himself piecing together a life hanging in the balance. While Houston comes to the realizations of the collateral damage he has caused. CLICK THE BOOK COVER FOR MORE INFO.

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