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Between The Reads Podcast Interview

Hey All!

Go check out the interview that I did for The Scion's Descent on the Between The Reads Podcast. Audra Russell is an amazing host and all of her content is worth checking out. She's provided a platform for indie authors like myself that are trying to get their work out to the masses.

Log on to Spotify, iTunes, or wherever you listen in. Show Audra some love and be sure to get a copy of the Scion's Descent.

Click the photo TO LISTEN IN N OW and be sure to support the Between the Reads Podcast.

Follow Between the Reads on social media...

Instagram: @betweenthereadspodcast

Twitter: @kitabubabe

GET YOUR COPY of The Scion's Descent & Confessions of the Elect on Amazon now!

Click the photo below...

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