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Finding A Beta Reader - QUICK TIPS

Hey All! I just wanted to share a few QUICK TIPS regarding finding a Beta Reader. These tips come from my personal experience and are just some of the simple things that I have taken in while working with a Beta Reader. There are tons of in-depth articles that you can find but you can definitely read and share this as a quick reference. Let’s go…

Tip #1 - Sometimes using more than one BR is a good idea. Using multiple readers will be able to provide various points of view for your work. As the writer, you can collectively gather their feedback and make the changes that you feel are resounding from your reviews to best suit your book. Make sure you do your research when looking for the right BR.

Tip #2 - Tell your BR what you want. Make sure that they are the right fit for the genre that you are writing in. They should also understand your target audience and have experience in it. The BR should be knowledgeable and have a few good ratings to back up their work. Make sure you do your research when looking for the right BR.

Tip #3 - Put on your thick skin. Sometimes, we can’t take feedback personally. We have to see it as the opinion of another that has the best interest of our book in mind. Your BR needs to be honest and able to give you critical feedback in a way that doesn’t make you feel attacked but motivated and encouraged to enhance your book. Trust your own gut and good judgment that you have brought the right person on to give real and straightforward feedback. Make sure you do your research when looking for the right BR.

Tip #4 - Make sure that your BR is giving feedback and communication throughout the process. They should make you feel comfortable with handling your work. It’s also good to make sure that they are open to answering any of your questions after the report is finished. The BR should also not be afraid to give real feedback and not fill with unnecessary fluff, just to get a good review. Nor, should they tear down your work in a way that is disrespecting or bullying. Make sure you do your research when looking for the right BR.

Not every BR is going to be the perfect fit for your work, so its key to do your research. Be sure to show your BR appreciation for their hard work by leaving a comment or a good rating. Be sure to thank them for their time and brain bandwidth that was spent focused on your project. Allow your experience with the BR of your choosing, to be an open door to a great working relationship that could build towards future writing and reading opportunities for the both of you.

Quick Tip on Where to Find One

  • Writer groups and forums on social media

  • Goodreads

  • Library community boards

  • Post on general social media asking for recommended readers.

  • I found my favorite beta reader on a book forum a couple of years ago.

I hope this helped and please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have or feedback for me that you would like to share.

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