Something Heartwarming

It doesn't take much to touch my heart and send me right into the feels. I'm a sensitive soul that pays attention to the little things and I believe that those little things mean so much. So with that being said, I woke up this fine Thursday morning to a message from an amazing author that I had the opportunity to beta read his debut novel. So take a look at the message below while I grab another tissue to dry these joyfully weeping eyes (I can lay it on thick, huh? LOL!)

See what I mean? I'm not crying, you're crying! On a very serious note, I don't take it lightly when I get the chance to read for an author. Being an author myself, I've always wanted others to give me real and applicable feedback. I don't want anyone to stroke my ego and fill me up with comments just to blow my head up. I want to know how to grow as an author and make my writing better and better. That kind of feedback is vital if you are serious about your craft.

This is what I aim to provide to the authors that allow me to read their work. I put great care into the feedback that I give. Of course, I want to praise them and be a good cheerleader on their writing journey but it's more important to me, to give my real and honest opinions about the book. I want to talk to you about character development, the plot, the reading pace, and the atmospheric details. That's how you grow as a creative. I mean come on, I would never run from a critique that could potentially help me get better. Now that doesn't mean I would stand for someone that will tear me down and speak malicious things about me as an author. With those people, you simply chew the meat and spit out the bones and wish them well as you continue to thrive and flourish. I hope you never run into a reader like that either, its no fun.

Anyway, I am so excited for Mr. Soledad and his accomplishment. He worked really hard on his book, and low-key, his win felt like my win because I got to see behind the scenes development as his story came to life. He asked a lot of questions and we stayed connected after the beta read was over. I loved seeing a great piece of art come to fruition and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work for and with him as a part of his team. I can not wait for the world to read this amazing book.

Mr. Soledad's success is a personal motivation for me to continue to write and put my own books out there as well. His message to me sparked another level of motivation within me to press forward and not give up on future possibilities. I hope that his win is able to do the same thing for you. Look at his success and know that it's tangible for you too. There is enough space in this world for all of our special stories to be told, so don't be afraid to take up some space and let your gift make room for you.

Kudos, to my friend and fellow author Ishmael A. Soledad and to you as you continue to write and push forward. Please feel free to reach out to me with any of your questions about beta reading or if you just want to talk about the wins and woes of writing. I'm available for you. PLEASE... PLEASE... PLEASE... take a moment and support Mr. Soledad's debut novel Sha'Kert when it debuts in early 2021, which isn't that far away. I will link his author page down below and when you connect with him, please tell him that I sent you his way.

Love, Blessings, and Peace - SDJ


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