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I am @AuthorSDJohnson, AKA Samone, to my family and friends. I’m a wife to an amazing dude and a mom to three awesome kids. I’m a self-published storyteller, Sr. Publishing Consultant, a Ghostwriter of several projects, a Real Estate Investor, sometimes a blogger, and a mentor. 

I'm from Sacramento, California. I love dark chocolate, The Walking Dead, MUSIC, and a whole lot of books.

Many of my writing projects have been inspired by my life experiences.

As a mentor; I have had the privilege of sharing my heart with the incarcerated youth in our city’s Juvenile Hall for over ten years. Those kids are not the mistakes they made, just misguided young people, looking for love and direction. One way that I helped out is by developing a curriculum, called Hadassah 4:14 Ladies Leadership & Development. We focus on finding your purpose and walking into it. It was pretty awesome!

In 2012, I self-published my first Short Story, as an eBook. The Weekend: A Short Before the Story, was a reflection of events that have taken place in my life. (Kind of… but my hubby thinks that book is about him, it’s not… Kind of… LOL!)

In 2014, I was blessed to publish my second novel, entitled Ball Hog. This story was a passion project for me, but I say that about everything that I write. This story hits me in the feels for a special reason. It tells the story of a troubled basketball prodigy that has to make some tough decisions in her life. It's taken from some very real-life situations and people that I have dealt with in my life, but I assure you, I was never a basketball prodigy.

2017 was a great year in the writing department for me. I wrote a three-book series in a genre that I LOVE but had never written in before; it’s a dystopian/post-apocalyptic coming-of-age story.

In 2020, I decided to take down the first installment and I revamped the entire series, so now you can find The Falling Scion Series on Amazon and other book distributors. The Falling Scion series was a blast for me to write, and I am currently working on a spin-off book as well. Not sure if it will progress into another series just yet. 

It would be awesome if you connected with me and followed me along this journey that we call life. Check the site for the latest blogs or the Current Read page for the latest books that’s I’ve read. Let’s find each other on Instagram and Twitter. Let’s chat virtually or locally and build one another up because life is a crazy thing and we need one another. Let’s trade our favorite books and support the indie authors trying to share their inner world with the outer world.


Click on the ‘Books I Wrote’ page for information on… well, the books I wrote.

Let’s connect…


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